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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cream Cheese Orange Muffin

Gambar sebelum dan selepas..coz dah tatau nak makan aper for tea..hubby lak outstation for 3 days..nak bawa the gals kuar malas lak..besides the three-year-old wawa ni tak menang tangan nak jaga dia kalau keluar without hubby..cadang-cadang nak buat banyak skit..with a hope that i could hand a few to my good neighbour...anak anak dia suka my cooking..however, after peeking into my pantry i saw only 100gm of butter and 100 ml of cream available and i don feel like going out to the mart (though it is located just about 1/2 km from my house indeed hehehe)...guna jer la aper yg ada..and i ended up baking 12 muffins for 4 of us..and divided equally each of us would get three muffins each hehehe my gals said "mana cukup???" ari ni i cuma bake half of the ingredients..dpt 12 biji...saiz besar punya!
Actually i post this recipe special for my long lost friend who rite now is staying in London...thank you to FB for rejoining us after those many many years of being apart...hope one day we will meet again and there we shall share lots and lots of stories...for we havent met in 17 years (betul ker i calculate) Come back for Seafood Quiche recipe soon! Plan to cook the quiche this Tuesday..the day hubby returns from his outstesen hehehe


Bahan A:
160 gm gula castor
4 biji telur - gred A

Bahan B: (diayak)
360 g tepung naik sendiri - pakai tepung Bluekey hehehe
2 camt baking powder
1/2 camt salt

Bahan C:
120 g susu segar
140 g butter - cairkan

Bahan D:
200 g cream cheese
3 camt gula kastor
1 camt jus oren

Chocolate chip
Almond cincang


1. Pukul bahan A hingga kembang dan putih.

2. Dalam bekas berlainan, pukul bahan D hingga gebu. Masukkan bahan A dan C ke dalam bahan D yang telah dipukul.

3. Masukkan bahan B yang telah diayak ke dalam adunan muffin.

4. Jika suka boleh digaul sekali almond and choc chip.

5. Cedukkan adunan muffin ke dalam loyang muffin yang telah diletakkan cawan kertas. Taburkan choc chip di atasnya.

6. Bakar di dalam oven 180'C selama 20 minit atau hingga masak. Muffin akan merekah pada bahagian atasnya.

7. Serve during tea love it! Selamat mencuba!

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